Art & Design Portfolio


My name is Juha-Matti Pulkkinen and this is my art and design portfolio.

I'm based in Tampere, Finland, but I'm able to freelance worldwide.

Education & Experience

I'm a graphic designer and game designer working in the game industry and freelancing as a web designer and illustrator. Please see my CV for additional details.


In addition to working with art and games, I compose music and play piano and violin. I'm also an avid reader of psychology, an occasional fiction writer and an active gamer. My favorite video game is Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura.

Juha-Matti Pulkkinen



Curriculum Vitae

Me in a Nutshell

A graphic designer and game designer also passionate about music, writing and psychology.

Me Elsewhere


My personal works mostly revolve around fantasy imagery. Although I prefer to work digitally, every now and then I get back to traditional media.


I'm looking forward to doing more illustrations and exploring new styles as well.

Web + Design

Being proficient in both graphic design and interaction design gives me an edge as a web designer.

Graphic + Design

Layouts, logos, typography etc.

Game + Graphics

I started to create games when I was only nine years old. I've contributed to numerous games, professionally since 2006.